About Me
I am an Assistant Professor tenure-track within the School of Information Science and Technology at ShanghaiTech, a new University in Pudong Shanghai. Before I joined ShanghaiTech I was a senior researcher and lecturer within the Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University. I own a PhD degree from ETH Zurich, where I worked at the Autonomous Systems Lab. I am an expert in computer vision, and try to enable autonomous systems and mobile applications to use cameras for real-time 3D perception of the environment. My research interests include visual odometry/SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and structure from motion with single and multi-camera systems, as well as the efficient solution of the more fundamental, underlying algebraic geometry problems. I publish my work at major international conferences, and I am the main author of the open-source frameworks OpenGV and polyjam .
I firmly believe in the great potential of computer vision and love to see things working, so I am constantly looking for the next best mobile application. Please contact me in case you share this passion and are looking for collaboration opportunities. I am also  proposing and supervising Bachelor, Master, and PhD projects, and welcome academic visitors from all over the world.
-Marr Prize Honourable Mention for our ICCV2017 work!!!
-Our work on "Globally-Optimal Inlier Set Maximisation for Simultaneous Camera Pose and Feature Correspondence" has been accepted for the International Conference on Computer Vision!
-I started a new Position at ShanghaiTech as a tenure-track Assistant Professor. Exciting times ahead, I will soon launch my own lab. Look out for further news.
-Best Student Paper award for our work "On Scale Initialization in Non-Overlapping Multi-Perspective Visual Odometry". Congratulations to  Yifu on this fine achievement!
-Invited Talk on "Novel Trends in Visual Odometry and SLAM" at KCCV, the annual Korean Conference on Computer Vision event.
-Our work on "Learning Image Matching by Simply Watching Video" has been accepted for publication at ECCV 2016!
-We got one paper accepted for IROS 2016: "Real-time rotation estimation for dense depth sensors in Piece-wise planar environments" (joint work together with Joey, and Hongdong)
-OpenGV now contains precompiled mex-libraries for Windows and MacOSX .
-7th May 2016: Exciting new research: "Learning Image Matching by Simply Watching Video" ( arXiv:1603.06041 , joint work together with L. Gucan, J. Alvarez, and H. Li)
-7th May 2016: 2 papers accepted for ICIP: "Semantic context and depth-aware object proposal generation" (joint work with H. Zhang, X. He, and F. Porikli), and "Latent Structural SVM with Marginal Probabilities for Weakly Labeled Structured Learning" (joint work with S. H. Namin, J. Alvarez, and L. Petersson)
-7th May 2016: 2 papers accepted for CVPR: "Rolling Shutter Camera Relative Pose: Generalized Epipolar Geometry" (joint work together with Yuchao Dai and Hongdong Li), and "A Direct Least-Squares Solution to the PnP Problem with Unknown Focal Length" (joint work together with Yinqiang Zheng). 
-I will be visiting the Robotics and Perception Group and other research groups in and around Zurich starting from the 1st of March.
-11th January 2016: Moved here from the old site www.laurentkneip.de . Welcome!
-11th December 2015: I am co-organizing a tutorial on solving minimal problems at the International Conference on Computer Vision 2015
-30th June 2015: I won an ARC DECRA fellowship which is now starting. See the project !
-3rd March 2015: I am now an associate investigator of the ARC centre of excellence for robotic vision .